I can help you identify and uncover whats really going on in your life and then I  can help you resolve, let go or remove what is causing distress.


I don’t do it for you. Rather I assist and facilitate healing and change.  

People don’t live singularly, we are connected to and affected by our emotional states and the world around us…both good and bad.

Issues can be emotional, nutritional, structural, chemical or inherited…often a combination of factors.

Through me healings and my teachings I can help bring awareness to the underlying causes and enable you to cope with and thrive in the face of life's challenges.

Before becoming a qualified Kinesiologist and energy worker, Marisa had a successful career as a television and theatre actor. Performing with the Melbourne Theatre Company, Australian Shakespeare co and working with the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, as well as regular work on Australian television.


After having experienced the benefits of kinesiology during a personally difficult period, Marisa realised she wanted to learn more… skip to 2017 where she now runs a successful inner city clinic as a qualified and accredited practitioner of many energy healing modalities, 

Marisa is a qualified and certified multi disciplinary healer and believes that one type of healing cannot singularly serve all issues. 


Intuitive, engaging, compassionate healer and professional teacher,  Marisa has helped many individuals achieve positive life change, transformation and growth.

Kinesiology & Energy Healing

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