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Pellowah is a simple, effective yet powerful healing technique which expands consciousness and enables you to make positive and long lasting change in your life.

Pellowah is similar to other healing methods - like Reiki healing - in that it allows students to channel energy directly from Source to heal others.

Since it uses an extremely high vibrational energy frequency, it can often be effective even where other methods fail.

Pellowah  is also  taught for you to practice and use. It is easy to learn (a two day course) and can create powerful inner change and healing in very short spaces of time.

pellowah teachings  

Most people who undertake this workshop do so for their own personal and spiritual development.

From the Level 1 workshop you will receive the attunements necessary to also become a practitioner of this powerful healing technique. You will then be able to give treatments to family, friends, clients and animals.

In the Level 2 workshop you will receive an attunement to connect to the higher part of you, and through this connection, bring higher vibrational energy into your everyday life. During the workshops there will be much discussion, we will practice healings and we will work with symbols and meditations.

course DETAILS

Next Pellowah Course is to be confirmed soon!


Cost: $395 Includes: Training, Certification, Attunements, Workbook, and Registration as a Pellowah practitioner, morning and afternoon tea.


Please Book Early – classes are deliberately kept small (max. 10) to allow plenty of time for discussion in a relaxed environment



Phone Marisa: 0401 844 888

Mon - Fri: 10am - 6 pm ​​​Sunday: 9am - 4pm

Northcote, Melbourne 3070

Melbourne (Queens Rd) 3004

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